Monday, January 23, 2012

Born ready... Treism

Tre just casually mentioned in our conversation on the way home from school..."We had music today, the teacher has bad breathe, she talks to me about my fingers, it was fun, I invited my girlfriend to my birthday, I stayed on green, the cafeteria is down stairs, etc..."

What caught my ear...

"Your girlfriend??"I asked. Then I rephrased...
"Do you mean your friend that's a girl, Peyton?"

"No, she's my girlfriend."still very nonchalant about the whole thing.
"She's my girlfriend, but she has a princess backpack!" (He doesn't like that about her.)

At this point I realized I am suppose to act nonchalant too...
"Oh cool, what does girlfriend mean?"

"You know what it means. It's just when a boy likes a girl, he asks them 'Hey, do you want to be my girlfriend?' and if she says yes, then she is." shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders... I am already an idiot apparently.

"Who taught you about that stuff Tre?" (I was trying to sound very nonchalant still.)

"Mema, I was born knowing about that!" (I had to stifle my laughter, he was serious!)

I really wanted to ask more questions, but I could tell he was done talking about it.
But you can be
sure that this Friday when I go to the "Writer's Celebration" party in his class, I will definitely be looking for Peyton, and her mom:)

Oh man.
I'm not ready for this.


  1. Again - Tre, an apple falling under the tree of his mom. Do your remember the story of your parents getting calling into Montessori Kindgergarten because our sweet Manada was playing 'married' with the boys during recess?" These days, that would have been a serious offense..Oma

  2. hehe. all of this has just made me very you sis. Syd