Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's in a name?

So tonight was my second night in a row that I cooked dinner for my family! I think that's my longest run since the end of September. This CMV really kicked my butt. But I am slowly coming out of it. I am feeling better than I have in a few months, and now I think I might be down to just a little cold I caught at the hospital (and subsequently gave to all of my children), and a sucky pregnancy. So I think I am doing well!

I totally look pregnant now, like the kind of pregnant where strangers aren't afraid to ask anymore. Because it's that obvious :) I am about 24 weeks I think. And I am feeling this baby girl move around a lot lately!

We have a meeting with the team of doctors who helped me in the hospital (perinatologist, OB, neurologist, infectious disease, etc...) on Tuesday next week. They want to "debrief" about everything and hopefully release me from their care, back to my little midwives office; where there is herbal tea and salt soaks to cure all of your pregnancy ailments; not toxic drugs, spinal taps, and narcotics!

We will have a sonogram at this meeting where they will check the growth of our baby girl and we will definitively decide whether or not an amnio and such is necessary as we move forward.

On a much more fun note, I recently decided that we cannot wait much longer to figure out a name for our baby. I am sure we will narrow it down to a couple, and then wait to meet her. But since we're squeezing her into a laundry basket by our bed (or more likely, on the couch), and there is definitely not ANY room for her clothes or blankets in this house, I feel like we should at least prepare for her arrival by at least looking for a name! So we've narrowed it down to four, but these might all change at any time. I am putting a voting thing on here. But don't tell me anything negative, I don't really want to hear about the fat girl who was mean to you in high school, who was also named Stella (sorry)! Because between David and I we have enough of those, and the fact that we've come down to these four is miraculous!

So here they are:
Georgia Kate- George is my maternal grandfather's name and a man i never got to meet, but always wish I could have. This name would be in tribute to him, and one of my bestest friends Katie. Which would mean pure earth.
Stella Quinn- I love the name Stella, but it has recently become extremely popular, which makes me not love it as much! And Quinn because she would be our fifth. This name would literally mean, our fifth star!
Thea Belle- Beautiful gift of God.
Aizza (pronounced Ay-za) (no middle name chosen yet)- An african name for life. Also has references to nobility or being noble. Our noble life. (Plus a middle name.)

I think my two favorites are Thea Belle and Aizza.
So leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite, or feel free to "officially vote" on my side bar!


  1. balling....you've gone and done it, you've put me into the ugly cry! The fact that you are even considering using my name just sent me over the edge. They are all so beautiful and incredibly meaningful, she will be lucky to have any of those names.....of course I'm secretly rooting for Georgia Kate;)
    Love you!

  2. Katie, i was talking about a different Katie... JUST KIDDING!

  3. What gorgeous names! This is such a lucky little girl to have amazing parents like you two. I can't wait to meet her. I think my favorite is Georgia Kate. All of them are gorgeous though so whichever name you choose you are good!

    Ashley Z

  4. You better be kidding;) I will have to hunt down this other bestie named Katie and let her know what's up!

  5. Ok, I love them all, but I do have a very special Stella in my life that makes me so happy so I lean towards that:) I also LOVE the idea of Quinn... Also Love Georia Kate (that's my second pick). I really like Georia Quinn too... Not much help but I love them all!

  6. Beautiful names. I pick Stella Quinn:-)

  7. Okay, must admit, i like Georgia Kate the best, too. Besides being an honor to my dad, it sounds regal to me, like some princess from Russia. And Kate is a great middle name, a go to alternaative, like Amanda Grace...
    I do actually like all the names you are considering - i am happy you finally get to name a child Whatever You Want!! Oma