Friday, November 18, 2011

Things no one told me...

Every now and then I find out something that seems like common knowledge. Things that are common to everyone... But me? And I don't consider myself to be one of those people that "lacks common sense". I'm pretty well educated, and exposed to the world. But I think I will begin somewhat randomly doing a bit about something no one told me. So here's a few to begin with!

1. If you have a front loading washing machine, you should always leave the door open when you are not cleaning clothes. (which is few and far between in this house). It is common that most people have to replace the sealant ring around their washer (which costs between $150-$300) within the first few years of owning their new machine!

And yes I learned this, and all of these, the hard way!

Now that I know this, we did not opt to replace the ring, as ours was not eaten up by mold yet, I leave the door open. I wipe out the ring with a dry cloth after every load, and I even started using that daily shower spray in there at the end of a day of laundry. And it has made ALL the difference!

2. If you are pregnant for the first time, FYI- when your milk comes in (usually around three days after birth) it hurts sooooo bad. No one told me! I woke up one morning and thought I had caught some sort of infection in the hospital and would surely die, the pain was excruciating! Now, if you know to expect this, there are several remedies, but for me, it was a shock, and probably one of the worst experiences of Tre's birth!

3. I've sort of mentioned this one before, but every week I'm just flabbergasted that it took me 27 years to figure it out... If you have small potted house plants, rather than having to gather them all in the kitchen sink every few days to water them, you can leave them where they are and add two-five ice cubes on the soil. It waters them slowly enough that the water doesn't drip off on your floor or furniture, and if you live in a dry climate, like CO, it also adds humidity that most plants miss here!

I am sure you have some common sense ideas that I need to hear, leave me a comment or link to your own things no one told you!

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  1. lol...thank you for sharing, I did not know most of those things.

  2. oh my gosh too funny. Do you remember watching Bill Nie (no idea how to spell his name) the Science Guy? He had a segment and at the beginning he would say "Did you know that?" then he would tell you something cool and end the segment as "Now you KNOW!" This reminds me of that!

  3. So good to know about the front loader! You didn't mention that no one tells you that when you get pregnant you will pee every time you sneeze, laugh or cough.

  4. What about when you have a baby boy, that you need to point their little wee down into the diaper or you end up with pee everywhere! I was on my way to the store to try a 3rd brand of diapers and buy more clothes when a friend finally shared that little gem with me!