Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's never boring around here...

Funny thing, I'm in the hospital! If you follow this blog regularly at all, you've probably noticed I've been rather scarce lately.

Well, for the last 2.5 weeks I've been fighting a mystery illness, at first we thought it was Listeria, the deadly cantaloupe disease. Now we know that might be part of what's going on, but there's other parts too.

We know I have Cytomegalovirus (CMV) which is a virus that most people get throughout their life time, it is extremely common, and in 99% of people you will actually never have any symptoms and your body just fights it off. But if you get it during pregnancy it is not good.

Here are some facts (for most of you this is boring, but for my family you can read it here:)
- there is a 40% chance it will be passed to the baby.
- if it passes there is a 10% chance of bad things happening (blindness, deafness, mental retardation)
- you can read more factual information here.

So they would usually not treat a pregnant woman for CMV, but because my symptoms are so severe they have chosen to treat me. The medicine they are giving me has not been tested on pregnant women, so if you pray, pray that there's are no side effects for baby!

I also had an abnormal spinal tap with lots of white blood cells in my spinal fluid, so today there will be lots more testing and hopefully more answers. (One doctor threw out a 10+ day stay and meningitis stuff, pray that I get to go home much sooner than that!)

We will also have to be making decisions today about things with the baby: experimental treatments to protect her, an amniocentesis, and other testing. Please pray for clarity and wisdom as we make some really difficult decisions.

Our babies are at a friends house, thank God for them! But this is very hard on them and they are scared. So please pray for peace for them. And pray that we still have friends by the end of this!

I will continue to update here as things get better!
Thank you all for your prayers and love.

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