Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another quick update

The MRI results came back normal, there are no blood clots. We are now waiting on spinal tap results for meningitis from CMV. Pray those come back on Monday!

On Monday, based on those results we will have a lot of decisions to make for our baby. Depending on the results we will have to decide several things, please be praying for our clarity. There really is no data on any of these things because it is so rare and to have someone pregnant is unheard of. But we will have to decide on:
1. Whether or not I should continue with the CMV antiviral drug I am on. It is a class C, chemo-like drug that is a very serious thing. I am currently taking it, but if I do not have meningitis, I might stop.
2. They want to do an amniocentesis in order to test the baby for CMV, meningitis, and other things I have tested positive for, including a staph infection.
3. Starting an experimental treatment to help the baby fight the infection by giving her other people's antibodies. In order to hopefully prevent the scary things this can cause for her little developing body and mind.

So David and I have a lot of things to decide. Pray for us. And pray for our kids. This has been very hard on Demetrius in particular, he is very very worried that his world is changing completely again. He is so sad. Pray that he feels secure and understands that I will be coming home soon!

Thanks friends!

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  1. I will be praying for you! Love you guys!