Sunday, October 23, 2011


A couple funny things about today I wanted to capture before I forget...

First off, my five year old, Tre, has been watching the DVD series that my father-in-law gave us, "A Century of Flight" all day. And listening to him explain to Demetrius and Lady Lou why WWII was the catalyst to form the US Air Force, as well as his explanations of Hitler, Japanese kamikaze pilots, and Hiroshima has been really funny! But he is enthralled.

Secondly, this morning I woke everyone up, got them dressed and fed and out the door by 8 am. We had no church today and I was dying to try this intense yoga class at my gym that I've never gotten to do. Well, we got there, and apparently there is no childcare on Sunday mornings:( I was sad. As I was buckling everyone back in Demetrius, my little lover, said, "I love you Mema!"
Which Tre had to immediately respond with, "Well, I love everyone in the whole world."
And Demetrius said, "you can't love everyone!"
Which Tre followed with his version of Christ's agape love and it's power to help us love all people, even those that hurt us.
D seemed very confused by the whole thing. So I stepped in and said,
"D, Tre has asked Jesus to live inside his heart and He helps us to love all people. Do you want to ask Jesus to Iive in your heart?"
And he said, "hmmm" ... and really thought about it for a minute. Then he looked right at me and said,
"No. Because soldiers nailed him to a cross. I want to ask a football player to live inside my heart!"

Okay, I guess we'll talk about that again another time. And I will try to focus on all the super hero things that Jesus has done from now on. Apparently he has heard the story of his crucifixion enough.

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