Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seven Years

Sunday was our anniversary, seven years married. That's a lot. And we have a lot to be thankful for.
We spent the day doing nothing WITHOUT children, we stayed at a hotel, had intentions of sleeping in (but my mommy alarm clock wouldn't allow that), ate a leisurely breakfast,toured around down town denver, did stuff we can't do with kids, and just had a lot of fun together! It was perfect.
And what I've decided is that at around seven years, you have figured each other out. We know how not to make each other mad, we know how to make each other feel loved, and things just run smoothly. But also what I am finding is that this is when you realize what your "issue" is. I think most couples have an "issue" it is the thing that you realize everything else has boiled down to. And after ten years of being together, and attempting to communicate with one another, we have identified our "issue". I think this is the point where many couples become discouraged, they know that there is nothing left to change, you are completely understood. And we all seem surprised to realize at this point in game that there are two completely different people who have fallen in love and married each other...

But we are choosing to be encouraged by this. At least now when we argue, we know what the answer is, I need to communicate less often and less bluntly, and he needs to communicate more often, and more bluntly.
We're both wrong.
And we're both sorry.
And we'll both keep trying to change.

And I love him. He is the most amazing husband, father, friend, and mentor. He teaches me so much, and we have fun together, and we laugh together, and we love each other. And there's no changing that.
So here's to seven years, and seventy times seven...

We have other big Seven news, but we'll leave that sit for a few more weeks...

Remember to be praying for Nugget and Lady Lou's trial on Sept. 19th!

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  1. I love you guys! Happy 7 year anniversary! You are both an inspiration.