Saturday, July 9, 2011

Treism and Me, Mrs. Fauker

When you adopt, no matter what age, sex, country, or any other variable... You come to savor these random moments of revelation from your adopted children. These moments are usually at the most unexpected times. Just little glimpses of their past lives, peaks at how they have tried to make sense of their story, or just humbling reminders of how much their little souls have endured. You quickly realize how priceless these moments are and you try to wean any sort of information or memories from them as you can when this happens... I sort of feel like I am trying to milk a cat when this happens with Demetrius, I am just pinching at whatever I can grab, hoping I can get just a little bit more.

Well, one of these just happened. We are almost home from our epic road trip and while at a gas station David stuck his head in and said, "Tre, we have a picture of you when you were just a baby, with Scout, at this gas station!"

And Demetrius quickly asked, "Where was I? Was I there?"
(thanks David, I thought.)
"I don't know where you were D." I nonchalantly responded.
And then Tre responded... Which is usually not a good thing when these
sort of adoption questions are brought up:)
"you were in your Ashley mom's belly."
And D quickly said, "I was so scared there. I was scared with my Ashley mom."
And I was ready to pounce, to ask questions... What made you scared D?
When did you feel scared?
Why did you feel that way?
Just wanting to milk the cat, get any glimpse I could.

But before any of these relevant and important questions could come from my head and out my mouth Tre said, "Were you scared because she ate you?"
And the moment was gone, off they went into brother lala land.

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  1. That is absolutely precious and hilarious all at once. Amanda, you are doing amazing things with your children. I am so blessed by your insight into their lives. God is truly using you.

  2. ....because she ate you....I about died laughing! Tre you are so darn funny!

  3. That is HILARIOUS!!!! Love those boys! Write that down in his book !!!