Friday, July 8, 2011

The Lake

We made it half way home, even with my diarrhea!
And now it's time to spend a few days at the lake. It was suppose to be one, but we've extended our time. We need this. There is something about "the lake", something that is quintessentially American, something that is just...right. Time goes quickly here, in a slow, relaxed kind of way. Maybe it goes quickly because it feels like there is never enough of it.

Either way the lake has been a place of renewal and deep breathing for David and I over the last 6 years. The first time we came here I was pregnant with Tre. And we have been back every year since. Someday I hope we can have a little shack here to call our own.

In the mean time we are enjoying today with our children, watching many of them see and do things for the first time. It is what makes being a parent so fun. And we are also using this time to dream together about what the next few years might look like for the purvis tribe. Beginning to digest what might happen in the next few months for us as a family, we will either complete our family and begin a season of deep breathing and settling... Or two of our babies could leave us...

This time away as a family has been priceless. A time to enjoy our children, our family, and our friends. To read, nap, laugh, and learn. And tomorrow we will head home, and we can't wait for that either.

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