Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tre is Five

Today Tre is turning five years old. I can't believe he is a boy already.
Each year I tell him his birth story. At night, when he lays down... After the cake and presents. After the sugar high and the sugar low. We lay in his bed together and we talk. And I tell him the story of the day I finally got to meet him. The day he changed our lives forever. And I love the questions he asks. Some are funny, some are sad, but all of them are a part of him creating and molding his identity. Who he is. We even watch his birth video.

There is something about Tre that is so special, so unique. And I know I am his mom, but I wouldn't say these things about my other kids. Tre is remarkably secure, confident, and bold. He is strong and courageous where many other are not. He is called and purposed... At five.

He is already the kind of guy I just want to hang out with. I love just chatting with him, hearing his thoughts, his opinions. The other night we pulled up to our local brewery and restaurant with the kids for dinner and I saw an older man and his son leaving and my heart leapt, I can't wait to take Tre out for a beer some day and just hang out. He is that cool!

(This is a picture of him with his cake that he decorated. Spiders, soldiers, camo frosting, air force planes, flags and canons:)

Tonight he was asking me about high school and college. And he literally becomes tearful when I talk about him moving away some day. And it
freaks me out that I can already see that day. He is just five, but it is going so fast.

So this year I am praying for him to enjoy being five. For kindergarten to be a blast. For his spirit to be protected. For his kindness to be rewarded, and his identity to be solidified in who He is assured of. I am also excited to see him learn to read! I can't wait till we can read books together!

My little Puka is a boy. And I couldn't be prouder.

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  1. I'm still in Denial that he is five! I remember getting the email with all the photos from his birth like it was just last July!!! He is very special, and I think he should consider a career in cake decorating;)

  2. Amanda, you never cease to give me my daily dose of tears. Happy Birthday Tre. Don't grow up too fast!

  3. i am putting your prayer list for him in my daily list as well. i am excited to hang out with D & him in late August! i know, too, that Jeremiah 29:11 can already be seen in his life - Love Infinity, Oma

  4. Love this. Such a cool little man. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy every age because it goes by way too fast.