Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Tricks

I have small little cute plants all over my home to add warmth and softness to rooms. The problem is that they are all in small decorative jars, and usually on non-waterproof surfaces. So it is a pain to water them and then I usually put it off and then, BAM the plant is dead. But recently I learned this trick.
Twice a week I go around and put ice cubes in all my pretty plants, this way I don't over fill them, no dirt runs out, the surface they are on stays dry, it is PERFECT! And oh so easy!

Another one: I have a bag for any semi-normal activity. Meaning, I have a pool bag, with everything in it we need for the pool, a diaper bag for errands or dinner, a visit diaper bag for when I take the babies to see their parents, a gym bag (or I used to), and a purse. This might seem like a lot. But the purpose of this is so that I do not have to think :) I just grab whichever bag(s) we need, if we are doing multiple things, I bring multiple bags. This way I know that I have the right diapers for this, I have the swim diapers, towels and goggles, and swim passes, I have the journal for their parents, I have my money, I have the snacks for errands, I have the toys for the pool, I have the Burger King coupons... whatever. And they all stay in this old cart by the front door.
Usually I just have to grab my wallet and throw it in whatever bag we need!
Do you have little tricks that make your life easier? Share them with me! I need easy!


  1. I LOVE the bag idea. I will have to try that. I have a purse and diaper bag but I usually combine it. Now just to find me a cute basket like the one you have!

  2. That ice cube trick is genius! Now only if I had plants in my house......