Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Designing... (again)

My mind has been racing, and dreaming, and creating.
I have to redo the kids areas.

Laila needs to move from her crib to her toddler bed. And Noah needs a crib, and a room, he's been floating, and he needs his own space now.

The boys need one-third the current amount of toys they have, and a room/play room because I am constantly following them around trying to remember what toys go where, half are in the basement, and half are upstairs.

So here is what I am thinking, for today...
Nugget get's the boys room, Lulu gets a room makeover, and the boys move downstairs, with the toys, so it's just one big play room/bedroom. Then once we have a better idea of whether or not Nugget will return home we can give him a great room then.
So of course this means redoing Lulu's room, redoing the entire basement, and hopefully redoing Nugget's room! I can't wait!

Here is my inspiration board for Lulu's room:

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  1. When I worked at anthropologie we made these super cute decorations for the store using Styrofoam balls. We painted the tips of little wooden sticks (like Popsicle sticks) and stuck them into the ball. We used pinks and oranges. Then hung them up or put them on shelves. They turned out great and were super cheap and easy to make. I can't find pictures but here is something similar they did with corks:


    I thought of them when I saw the ideas you are thinking of for Lulu's room.

    Maybe in June I can come for a crafting day :)