Monday, April 25, 2011


Today launches the new campaign!
I have been talking with Jody via text messages off and on as she and Becky and Esther are on the field in Africa. And I have caught the excitement for this next project.

I have been volunteering with The Adventure Project since it started in December 2010. The Adventure Project was co-founded by one of my dear friends Jody Landers. Her and Becky have began a revolution. The Adventure Project quarterly seeks out different organizations who are making a difference fighting poverty in ways that provide sustainability and dignity to locals. Organizations that provide jobs, tech skills, and help revolutionize the way poverty and injustice is being fought in our world today.

This quarter we are working on our GROW campaign. We have teamed with an organization called Kickstart. They are helping to revolutionize the way farmers grow their crops in Africa. Currently, eighty percent of the poor in Sub-saharan Africa are farmers. And seventy-five percent of their children go hungry.
Kickstart has developed an affordable irrigation pump that helps to increase the farmers crop by 1,000%. It has already helped stop the cycle of poverty for families in this region. Which means, their children are going to school, they are able to sell their extra crops at market, they are able to buy homes, and feed their children! With no help.

By purchasing our GROW greeting card you are helping to make these pumps affordable, and helping to get the word out to other farmers about these pumps. The farmers buy these irrigation pumps themselves.

You can donate here.
Or you can buy a greeting card, it is plantable, with beautiful wildflowers! So instead of sending flowers this mother's day, buy your mom this greeting card! And she can plant her own wildflowers and know that she is helping stop poverty and hunger in sub-saharan africa!

"Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven."

(And if you'd like to help assemble the seed packages leave me a comment and I will add you to the CO tribe list, because we will be gathering to get all of these cards out in time for Mother's Day!)

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  1. I want to help! I have been wanting to get involved for a while...please let me know!