Thursday, March 3, 2011

Support and Love

I thought I had a lot of laundry with six healthy people running around here. Now I have lot's of sick ones, who are throwing up and pooping all the time:)

We tried to go to the doctor on Tuesday, by the time we made it there, about a fifteen minute drive, we were ALL covered in vomit! I called the doctor and told them we were to sick to come in, and asked to reschedule. I will attempt to make it to that visit today! At least today no one is throwing up (fingers crossed, maybe I shouldn't say that)!

I need to tell you about Laurie, because without her, my life would be very different!

I met Laurie about six year ago. She's one of my best friends! She has four kids too! But they are older than mine (11-23 ish). She has watched Tre since he was really little, now all my kids call her Mimi.
I think we are her "cause". (I'm not sure how I feel about being a cause, I'll think about that later.) She has made her self completely available to us. I think she comes over every day these days! She buys me groceries, and watches the kids, and prays for me, and let's me call her to cry, and usually cries with me. She gives me perspective that I lack in the moment. Like Tuesday when I called her, crying in Target wondering around. We were all covered in throw up and I was trying to buy everyone new outfits and clean them in the bathroom in order to make it to the doctor. She kindly said, "maybe you should just reschedule the appointment?"
I never would of thought of that right then.

Laurie is my life saver.
And I have others like her. (Like when Courtney dropped off sheets and beer and water proof mattress pad covers the other day after my laundry post, or when Linda brought us dinner, or when the Robinson's bought us all our diapers for for ever!) I am no super hero, I am really messed up actually. I hope to never portray in my blog that I've got it all together, or am a super mom. Because of this, I am sure I am not.

But I am surrounded by people who hold up my arms when I am weary of holding babies, and I hope they can say the same for me, that I hold up their arms when they tire from their daily missions.


  1. I love this...Thank GOd you have Laurie... and thank God she has you!

    Let me know how I can best serve you... I would be honored to help.

  2. Everyone needs a Laurie.
    In fact, I would like to kindly suggest that you both move to the NW.
    OK, good.
    Love you.

  3. People so often say "you attract what you are" You wouldnt have a Laurie if you werent that type of person yourself...I think you both are so great and love that I get to spend a little more time with both of you.

  4. Hear, hear Roxanne, i agree with her. I think your foreknowledge in naming yourself the Purvis Tribe was providential, now you have the Village People around you.
    Love you, Admire you, mom