Monday, February 28, 2011

piles and piles

Can I tell you how truly surprised I am by this:

This is my new world. I spend hours everyday doing laundry... this is what I am most surprised by as our family has gone from three to six! When I had Tre I couldn't believe no one told me how painful breast-feeding is... I was shocked, it was AWFUL!

Now I am shocked by the amount of time I spend doing laundry. It's almost as awful as breast-feeding, luckily I am not doing them both at once these days!

Between Tre peeing his bed every single day. (And yes, he wears a diaper, and no he doesn't drink any liquids for two hours prior to bed time, and yes he's four and a half... and YES he is on the top bunk:)
D pooping his pants multiple times a day.
The baby projectile vomiting on himself, blankets, me, and anything else cloth in the house...
I have SO much laundry!

I didn't do it one day, and I think I will spend the next two weeks trying to catch up:)
I need to make my laundry room much prettier, because I spend so much time in there these days!
(Nugget has more medical testing going on over the next few weeks, he is stable, at home, and appears to be doing really well, so our concern has lessened significantly!)

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