Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A girl named... Lulu

So I have had a girl for a little over one week now.

Girls are so different. I'm not sure I am a girl person... (I realize this sounds very ridiculous, but I'm going with it!)

I do love that I get to dress her everyday! And I love that she says sweet things in a high pitched voice... But there is also a lot of drama.

My boys can cry for twenty minutes before an actual tear is excreted. If I even look at her wrong, or heaven forbid, set her down, there are huge crocodile tears that are immediately splashing down her cheeks, dress, and hitting the floor. I mean massive amounts of tears, all day long.

With that said, this week has already been better than last, and I think her transition is just looking different than any of the boy's transitions! I am used to little boys cussing me out, or hitting, or pooping everywhere, or fighting, or screaming, or you know... boy stuff. Instead she just wants me to hold her, and she cries all the time, and she won't eat:)

Ohhhhh girls!
I was telling my parents how her high pitched squealing was really grinding on me and they both just started laughing... apparently I've had this coming to me for a long time!


  1. The name + that outfit + that smile=pure cuteness!!!

  2. it has been coming for a while...hehe....she's precious sis.

  3. So sweet! Sounds like she is all girl!