Saturday, January 15, 2011


"A grateful heart doeth good like a medicine."

I love how grateful D has become. Each night as I am praying over him he asks me, "Tell Papa God thank you for..."
and each night his list is different. And each night he is grateful.

And it is such a good reminder for me, if this little boy who has lived in eight different homes, and has been uprooted, surrounded by strangers, made to learn to new rules, customs, expectations, lost friends, lost family, lost relatives...
If he is grateful every night, I sure as heaven can be too.

Tonight his list included Papa, Tre (who makes the list every time), Jon, Matthew (the man who cut his hair today), Blake, apple crisp, licks from Scout, the park and guns.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Aaahhh... I'm thankful for great people like you and David, who are so willing to open your hearts and your home and pour so much love into little ones' lives. Incorruptible seed you're sowing there. :) Awesome. Love you guys!
    Melissa Leslie

  2. I'm thankful for best friends who inspire me to be my best self every day:)