Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Treism and Super D-ism

Now I have two to start documenting...

So our newest cute, charming, and funny Super D curses like a sailor:) It is mostly only when he is mad or playing sports:) Today we are walking through a store and he is "chatting" on a play cell phone. He hangs up. I say, "So what did they say?" And he loudly responds in his really super cute innocent two year old voice...
"They said FUCK!"
I wonder who he was chatting with?!
(At this time Tre kept asking over and over, what does fuck mean? I just ignored him, I can explain it later, not in King Soopers.)

With the new children coming through our house as of late I have been saying a lot of "We don't (fill in the gap with the latest wrong-doing) in this house." Because if I say, "saying Fu@* is bad!", they will equate my dislike of the behaviors they've learned from their loved ones into a dislike of their loved ones. Their behaviors are normal to them, and often survival skills they've learned, so I have been using this phrase "this house" often...

Today Tre lied, he said he didn't hit Super D, when in fact he had (it was accidental, while swinging around a string... so it wasn't a big deal, but he still lied!) So as I am marching him to his room for timeout I am saying, "We do not lie in this house because..." So I left him on his bed for five minutes to think about what I had said.

When I returned I said, "So what did you think about during your time out?"
Tre, "Can we lie if we move back to our old house? Cause I think we should move back there."

(please judge my parenting skills in secret.)


  1. Im prety sure he heard me utter that... sorry.

  2. Oh Tre... :) That's a pretty good one :)