Sunday, October 31, 2010


Today I did something that was really hard. Something that really brought Super D's story into the realm of reality. He is a really cute and personable little guy, he has manners, and a sense of humor, the best laugh, and a gorgeous smile, he is loving and caring, and boy does he have hair! But all those really great things that we are all falling in love with sort of made me forget the pain of his story, and what he is going through RIGHT NOW, and what lies ahead, for all of us, but most importantly for him, over the next few months.

Today I unpacked his suitcase. The suitcase that his mom so lovingly brought to their last visit, it was full of everything that is his. And I can't imagine being her, and packing this suitcase.
As I unpacked the suitcase, I wept for her, and what it meant for her, packing all of his things into it. And what strength and courage she has, and what love she has for Super D.

There was one toy, and lot's of clothes that are too small, some pull ups, and some fruit snacks. And all of his life was there, in that suit case.

I kept reminding myself, that I might need to pack it all back in soon, but i prayed that I would never have to pack his life, and everything his, into another suitcase again, at least until he goes off to college.

This little guy is so amazing, and so is his mom. And tonight, as we go trick or treating, and have so much fun, I will be thinking of her, and wishing she could come along, and praying God's grace and will to be carried out over the next few months with Super D and his story.
We've fallen, we're in love, and I hope we don't get our hearts broken, but if we do, we won't regret falling.

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  1. So sweet Amanda, I just teared up! I love you guys.