Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Together for Adoption

Guess where I am going... the Together for Adoption Conference! I am really excited.

Now that I have my degree as a social worker, and we are moving forward on different fronts in our family's path to adoption I am really excited to see how God speaks to me at this conference.

My greatest heart cry is for the orphan. That is why I changed my career path and got my degree in social work, that is why we are hoping to adopt many times. That is why I am helping to start an adoption group at our church. But I know that there is more in my heart. I am excited to be staying with some amazing women, to be surrounded by people who are like minded, and to just see where God pulls me. I am so ready and so willing for this next step, and I feel that this conference is going to be a huge part of the next chapter for us!

On a dorky note, I cannot BELIEVE that I am going to get to hear Karyn Purvis for a whole day! She is a hero of mine, and the reason I keep trying to convince David to move us to Texas while I go to grad school under her! (By the way, that isn't working, and it never will, we won't be moving to Texas!)

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  1. I am so happy for you and your family! What an incredible, exciting time of your lives! love you- Enjoy the conference- I love hearing your heart and look forward to hearing how it was!