Saturday, July 31, 2010

Six Years

Saturday was our sixth anniversary. It was a great day!
I love my husband! And I can't believe we have been married for six years already! Being married is really fun, and hard, and character building.
How's that for romance?

And I am more love today than I was on our wedding day!

Marriage Tip for year six:

Watch your perspective.

When noticing faults in your partner, change your perspective, what is it in you that is bothering you in this situation, and how can you see this situation in a positive light?

Example: David is taller than me. When I get into the shower after he has used it, I turn on the water and it hits me right in the face because he didn't point the shower head down when he was done...
This is a great for the enemy to catch me, as soon as my day starts, I haven't even seen my husband today, and I am already mad at him.


The cold water hits me in the face, and I CHOOSE to CHANGE MY PERSPECTIVE!
Thank God I have a tall handsome husband who has to move the shower head up because he is so tall, I always feel protected and loved in his arms!

(This is just an example, this never happens in our new house, because we use separate showers:)

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