Friday, July 30, 2010

Eating our way to romance... Old Stone Church, Chaplain's Bar

The Old Stone Church is another local Caste Rock eatery. This is a fine dining establishment. The Old Stone Church is just that! An old, stone church, built in 1888 right in the heart of down town Castle Rock. It has gorgeous stain glass windows, funky seating, and a very fancy and eclectic menu. But here's where the story changes, we don't go to the Old Stone Church, it is fancy (too fancy for our taste), and very expensive. The secret is the Chaplain's Bar.

Connected to the Old Stone Church there is a second entrance with a little sign and an iron gate that alerts you to it's presence. The Chaplain's Bar is a local's secret!

Ambiance- You duck as you enter a quaint room packed with booths and a large bar, and you have arrived! Although it is neither fancy or particularly appealing, their is quaintness and an immediate feeling of welcome. It is built against the church, so the back wall is "the old stone" and they have created as much seating as possible in the tight space, forcing the "community" feel that us local's enjoy. The booths are comfortable, and a luxury for those who arrive early, or are willing to wait, as it gets packed by 6:30.

Now about the food. You have to go for Happy Hour, which is 3-6 nightly, when open (they are closed Sunday's and Monday's) and 9-10 on Friday and Saturday nights. Why? Because their food is amazing and all for $5, and all their drinks are on special! David and I frequent the Chaplain's Bar Happy Hour, we get three or four appetizers for our dinner and usually two drinks each, this usually costs us less that thirty dollars!

Food Quality: The appetizers are delicious, they aren't frozen potato wedges, or fried cheese! They are different, fun, and divine. One of David's favorites is the shrimp enchilada with goat cheese and a chipotle cream sauce. Their wings are very different, and delicious, with an asian flair, that leaves you wanting more! And their Brie and fundido are to die for! All their appetizers are delicious, and their daily specials are always great too! The hardest part of your dining experience here will be deciding which one's to get this time, I promise!

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