Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the Day that You Were Born!

Tre had a fantastic birthday! Thank you to everyone who came for his party. It was a mess of water balloons, squirt guns, yummy food, and happy children. David and I were talking last night about how we feel like this point in Tre's life is when he is developing the most intellectually, quicker than ever before. The questions he is asking, his vocabulary, everything! He amazes us everyday.

For instance, right now he is really obsessed with the fact that he will be moving out in fourteen years (I casually mentioned something about this the other day;). So every day he is asking where he will live, how far it will be from our house, what he'll cook, etc. This morning when I went to make his oatmeal he said, "I better do it. Soon I will have my own house."

He has been thinking a lot about bigger picture things as well, which is fun to see his little brain working. We saw a homeless man about a week ago, and I gave him a lunch we had in the car. Ever since Tre has been attempting to solve the homeless problem. While
in the mountains over the last few days Tre said, "How bout the homeless people come to all these cabins, there aren't a lot of people in them!" (noticing that many of these cabins are weekend vacation homes for many city dwellers!) I also saw him trying to build a tent in our back yard, so I helped him. i thought maybe him and Scout wanted to do a "camp out" or something. But latter that day when we went out, he had his window down and kept asking people if they'd seen the homeless man. I asked him why. "I built him a house in our backyard."

I love that he is growing in compassion and sight, seeing the hard things is essential to raising compassionate, caring, warriors who will change the world for Jesus! Happy fourth birthday Puka, you are a wonderful boy, who is already thinking about being a man.
Tre showing he is four! On the morning of his birthday.

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  1. He is just so darn handsome! I love in the second pic how everyone is looking at the camera and Tre is opening his present! Looks like it was a wonderful day, sorry I couldn't be there.