Thursday, July 22, 2010

Colorado Summers

After Tre's party we came home from a dinner out and realized that some rascal had left the hose spiket on right next to our house. Therefore, our basement had flooded. It turned into a really long night, for everyone! Including my grandma who was suppose to be "sleeping" at our house that night! One awesome thing I realized through it though, we have amazing friends! I posted a blurb on facebook and within minutes I had people coming to our house to help, people buying fans for us, and just a wonderful support! I love our friends.

The next morning Tre and Grandma and I left David with the aftermath and escaped to my aunt and uncle's cabin near Estes Park for a relaxing few days of enjoying family, Colorado, and food!

My sister and brother-in-law are here from Florida, the first time we've seen them since they made the move! And it has been wonderful!

And my cousin John and his gorgeous wife Abby just had their first munchkin, miss
Aurora Grace, isn't she a doll!
more pictures coming today!

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