Monday, April 12, 2010

quick update

Here's the cliff notes, no real time to digest things at this point.

On the way to church Sunday morning Tre had a stroke in the back of the car. Unresponsive, right eye and mouth completely drooped, drooling, and me crying! We rushed him to Children's Hospital where they determined he had a Bell's Palsy, which means an i
nfection of the nerve in his face that controls the muscles. As we continued to wait for other doctors and tests his face began to heal (also the same time church as praying for us:). They went form going to do emergency surgery and giving him an IV while awake (which Children's doesn't like to do unless it's an emergency) to not really knowing what to do because he had healed so quickly. They ended up giving him a dose of IV antibiotics and sending us home. Today I called the nurse's line for follow up as requested. Long story short, they are going to do surgery tomorrow to put tubes in his ears. The face is almost completely normal but not 100% and his equilibrium is off a bit. We are not stressed about the surgery at all. But I sorta think when we get there they will bag it. Either way, please pray for Tre's continued healing and that tomorrow he is even better than today. (Surgery will be at 12:30 MST tomorrow afternoon, unless cancelled!)

This is Tre when we got to the hospital yesterday.


This is him this morning.

And he looks almost normal now.

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  1. That is so freightening, we will definitely be praying for you guys!