Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taste of Spring

Today has been a beautiful day, one that made me dream of summer! I went for my first run of the season, after approximately 3 minutes I couldn't bear it another second, as I slowed to a walk I realized that I had been running up Castle Rock. With this in mind, the second half was a breeze! Tomorrow I think I will drive up and run down, I will feel as if I am in much better shape if I do this and it will ultimately help my self esteem!

Tre has been playing outside all day. After I picked him up from school he said, "We didn't do centers today, or circle, or anything!"
I said, "Surely you did something at school, what did you do?"
"We played out side the whole time."
Apparently his teachers have tasted spring to day as well!

Here's to Wednesday, 60 degree weather that has us playing outside. And to Monday, avalanches that kept us holed up in the mountains. We love Colorado!

P.S. This taste of spring was so wonderful I emailed David this today:

Subject: Please save $3000

Content: Okay, we need to save $3000 by Sept. 1. I accidentally booked us a vacation!
$1000 for air fare, $1000 for our tree house ( and $1000 for car rental and other expenses.

See you then (9/1-9/8)! Love, your wife

Do you think it will work? See he "accidentally" booked our weekend in the mountains this past weekend, so I thought I would pull one of his own tricks out.

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  1. Hey...woah, a treehouse! you could come see us first and we could go take the treehouse the weeks after you have it! hehe. love you sis.