Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well there has been some disturbing news out of Ethiopia in the past few days. Things that will force us to make some decisions, do we move forward and fight through the storms or do we take this as a sign from God and go in a different direction?

The first storm came yesterday when Ethiopia announced that they would now be doing field investigations on every adoption. What does this mean? It means that you pass court in ethiopia, you become the legal guardians of these children and then the American embassy investigates the adoption to determine whether or not the children are legally adoptable. This not only adds many weeks and months to the process it also presents the possibility that we could become the legal guardians of said children in Ethiopia and then America could not accept the adoption and never grant us visas to bring our children home. Very scary.

Then today we found out that we now have to travel to Ethiopia twice, once for our court date, and then again after our field investigation has been completed to get visas and bring our children home. This will add an additional $6,000-$10,000 to our total expenses as well as the additional things required to leave your children and jobs to go out of the country.

Needless to say we are very discouraged right now. Not sure what our next move should be. We still need $600 before they will even look at our home study, and then we have lot's of waiting before us. Not sure what we will do from here.

Please pray for clarity for us, that God's will will become clear to us over the next few days. Pray for the families who are more immediately effected by this as well, the families who have referrals and will now have to quickly come up with the additional travel expense monies. And most importantly pray for the 5 million orphans in Ethiopia and how this will effect them.


  1. ohhhhh my. I will pray. So heavy-this news.

  2. Oh Manda Bear - how disturbing, i will tell DAd and we will be praying for clarity, wisdom, for the people in process right now, for your children there, and all the orphans there. The world is getting So Hard!! Oma