Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miracle Newtork

Today was an emotional day for me. Today was the start of Alice's 36-Hours for Kids. ALice is a local radio station that I have been listening to since I was a tween. And every year, I cry, for three days as I listen to the stories. Since Tre was born Children's Hospital means something different to me now. I have written about it before, but Children's Hospital is not just a home to the people who spend time there, it is a building, a monument to every parent who has walked in it's doors, it is the place where you realize how much you love your children, how you would do anything for them. It is the place where you count your blessings and promise to obey your God, it is the place where tears are shed, both happy and sad. It is a monument to us. I remember the doctor's visits that I left in tears, another surgery, more bad news. I remember the times we were leaving there feeling grateful and joyous, and today I left there feeling proud.

Today as we began listening to Alice's 36-Hours for Kids Tre said that he wanted to give some money. So I asked him how much. He went and got his piggy bank where he puts all of his money form chores, and he said, "This much."
I said, "Do you want to save some?"
He said, "No, I just need you to fill it to the top now!"
So I emptied our coin jar and we drove to the Children's Hospital with Tre's piggy bank. Tre marched up and asked someone where to put his money to help the sick kids, and of course they ushered him right to the DJ. Slacker helped him put his money in the big piggy bank (and of course my little cutie made it to Alice's home page, watch the pictures that flash across the top of the page, he's the second one!) and I tried not to cry. Listening to the 36 Hours for Kid's ten years ago, I never would have thought that today my three year old would march in there and give them all his money, not because it's the right thing to do but because he knows what it's like to have to be there. It's wonderful, and painful, and sad, and all those things.

Tre told Slacker, and all of Denver that he was giving his money so they could make new tools to help the sick kids, and that they threw his finger in the trash! Love him, and Children's Hospital.

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  1. how cute!!! When I come in may you need to put him back in that sweater so we can take more pictures!!!