Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eating our way to romance... JOHN HOLLY'S

I just need to start this off by saying, I LOVE this place, it is one of my favorites, and I am biased when I write this because I love it! I go here as often as possible! In fact, the hardest part about my new Eating our Way to Romance feature is that I will no longer be able to go to John Holly's on every date! With that being said... John Holly's

JOHN HOLLY's is a local Asian Bistro with fantastic chinese food, a casual elegance sets the mood and with sushi worth it's weight in gold!

Food Quality: I have never had anything here that I didn't like. There Chinese food is excellent, and their seafood quite original and always high quality. But honestly we go for the sushi! All of their sushi is great, but their unique roll, the mango roll, is magnificent! Shrimp tempura (breaded shrimp), crab meat, Japanese squash covered with thin slices of mango and avocado. Another of their rolls we love is the Red Dragon Roll. Unagi, mango and cucumber wrapped with slices of avocado topped with tempura flakes and 3 different sauces. Tre usually eats a couple of the claifornia rolls. But whatever you pick, you will not be disappointed! Before our mango rolls we usually have the edamame, a steamed whole soy bean, that you then pop the beans out of, they are sprinkled with sea salt and a re a delicious and healthy start to the meal. We then each devour a mango roll and usually some sort of sake. The lychee sake is a sweet type of dessert wine that reminds us of sucking lychee juices right from the fruits in Thailand. And another treat at the end of this healthy meal, they bring fresh pineapple out to the table sliced with tooth picks. You leave feeling like you have indulged, and yet you have remained relatively healthy in your choices! A great feeling.

Service: This can be the downside to John Holly's. They get really busy and services can be a problem. We often request to sit in a certain section with our favorite waitress because she is wonderful. Unfortunately when she is not there, things can be a bit lacking. No one has ever been rude, just so busy that you only see them when they are dropping off your order or you have waived them down.

Cleanliness: The restaurant is always very clean and the bathrooms are very modern and nice. Again, when it gets busy the bathrooms can sometimes appear messy.

Ambiance: They have recently completed a long-process of updates. They know have tiled walls, black marble table tops, dim lighting, and professional looking staff. Thus the ambiance is a casual elegance. You can go in jeans and no one looks at you sideways, but you might also see something a bit nicer.

Portion Size: perfect. The portion sizes for the chinese food are quite large and we usually share one dish. For the sushi it is a bit more realistic, he two rolls I mentioned above come with eight pieces of sushi.

Affordability: This restaurant is extremely reasonable for such high quality food. The sushi is usually around $10 a roll for the ones I mentioned, with Tre's California rolls at only $5.25. The chinese dishes are a bit higher than your neighborhood chinese dive, but extremely high quality.

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  1. mmmm I am now jonesing for a philly roll and spicy tuna... I love them there!