Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love Dare:failure on day one

Our wonderful friend Laurie gave us the Love Dare book last Christmas. We tried it last January and don't remember ever getting past day three or four. This year the K-LOVE people are doing it, so we decided we might hop on board.

Our first mistake, I mean decision, was to only do one a week, rather than one a day. We found last year that it was hard for us to find a time together, each day to read the dare. So we decided that every thursday night, after Tre goes to bed we would read the dare. Here's the problem with this. Now each dare is a whole week long! Which means for the past four days I was suppose to not say anything negative... for seven days! And this is only dare one.

Let me tell you how Friday morning started. (David went out thursday night, later than usual to hang out with a friend.) So at 5 am when his alarm went off, he got up and took his phone, which is his alarm and put it next to his pillow, which means it was right next to my head, and he hit snooze, then at 5:10, the alarm went off, and he it snooze. Then again at 5:20 the alarm went off, and he hit snooze, then again at 5:30, the alarm went off, and he hit snooze. At 5:40 I said very positively and with oober enthusiasm, "reset your alarm if you're not going to get up!" Now, I don't think that was negative, do you? Then at 5:50, the alarm went off, and he hit snooze. At six he decided he better wake up so he is stumbling around our room staring at clothes, has all the lights on, etc. And I sit up and say, "Wear your blue shirt, with your brown pants... now turn the light off and go away!"

I failed.

Day one, of a seven day dare, the first words out of my mouth, and I failed!

This is going to be a long week! (And it's only dare one!)

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