Sunday, January 17, 2010

Farewell, christmas break

Well, it's official Christmas break is over today. Tomorrow I go back to my internship and classes start. Eighteen credit hours, 20 hr./week internship, adoption paper work completed and to Gladney, graduate, wait for babies, that's the plan for this semester.

I already bought a graduation dress, is that silly? I had a feeling I won't have any money between now and then because every extra penny is going to our adoption, so I used my Christmas money!

Feeling good about this next semester, a little apprehensive about bringing stress back into my life, but it's only for a short season!

Here is the quilt I did over christmas break for my niece Hannah. I sent it on Friday, so Debbie, you should be getting it by Tuesday, but I accidentally sent it to your parents house, so make sure they check the front porch! (They are decorating her room in flower fairies, so with the new fabric line I had to do a quilt!)

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