Saturday, January 30, 2010

Current things I am trying not to covet...

This goes without saying, right now we are saving EVERY penny we can. We're even asking our friends to do the same. We just want our babies home! So things like this, aren't a reality. But that doesn't stop a girl from noticing them! This is my vicarious shopping.
I would like these shelving units for the basement, to sort toys and such.
I would like three of these stools to sit at our breakfast bar area, where right now, we have no seats.
I want two of these chairs for my living room in front of the big picture window. (And if I had no children to get them dirty!) With this poof in between.
I still really want this poster for the living room.
And just one thing for me (wink), this beautiful necklace made from ethiopian beads and coins!
That's it really!

1 comment:

  1. umm... ok

    I can help you wit a few o f these things and...Or close seconds to some of them for next to nothing!

    I will speak with you about it soon!