Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A whole new world...

Today has been four weeks since my injury. A lot has changed in our life since then. We moved, I haven't been working since the incident, Tre got his first school pictures (which are priceless, I will bootleg them on here soon!), we had a big party, and we are ready to start our home study! Life is moving along, whether we're ready for it or not!

Moving has been one of the best things to ever happen to us, that and our new mattress pad are the best two things David has ever done! (I kid him about this but in reality the only thing that tops those are Tre!) We love living in Castle Rock, walking to our favorite coffee shops, walking to dinner, the big star lighting is a HUGE event in our new small town, and we loved going to that. And now when we sit on our big front porch we can see the star on the big castle rock. Last night Tre and I were walking home from the park (which is a two minute walk from our new house) when we saw t
he star light up for the night, he thought it was the whole celebration again, he started cheering and screaming, and then started signing Holy Night! On one of our recent walks we stopped at the fire station so Tre could see the fire engines, one of the fire men saw us, opened up the garage and gave Tre his own personal tour, he sat in all the engines and asked a million "Why's"! His favorite was the tank that goes into the forest! I love our new town, and that's before I even take into account that almost everyone we love lives there too! We are so lucky to live close to our church family now! I love that people can just stop by any time. I think some of our friends, who have been our friends for almost six years have come to our new house more than they EVER came to our old house! I also love that while we are eating dinner we hear at least three or four honks from someone we know driving by! The other night I was driving home and someone was following me flashing their lights and honking, I was freaking out, thinking all my tail lights were out, or I had a flat tire, I could
n't figure it out. Finally I realized it was just a friend saying hello! I love our new town.

We are praying that my neck heals fully, I have a torn disc and am in a lot of pain. But everything else has completely healed. I go to see a neuro-surgeon at some point soon. I am also going to see a psychiatrist! I am a little nervous about this. I have already diagnosed myself, so it should be interesting to hear what they say! I let you know how it goes. I have physical therapy two to three times a week right now. It has all been quite overwhelming, but the holiday break from school is SO welcome!

Okay, time to go shopping for the big turkey day. I am so thankful right now for all the blessings God has poured out!

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  1. Pictures are from an overnight trip to Farmington, NM. We stayed at this cool little bed and breakfast overnight and the truck was parked at someone's house across the street, Tre loved it.