Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One small thing...

There's one small thing I forgot to mention about our new house. WE HAVE MICE!!!!! Tonight, this was the scene to be had in our kitchen. My friend Laura, from work, drove all the way to Castle Rock to deliver me a sweet package from all of my co-workers. We are sitting at the dinning room table having a glass of wine, when we hear the scratching in the pantry. We open the pantry and the mouse darts out, we both start screaming at the top of our lungs. (At least I think she screamed, all I could hear was my own blood curdling shrieks!) We both proceed to chase the mouse around, her with the broom, I with a meat loaf pan. At one point Scout had him in his mouth, and he still got away! After all of that excitement, no mouse. So far it is Mice 3, Purvis' 1. (David killed one, it is quite a story, one maybe he should tell!)

And I won't even start on the oven story, when we had the oven in the middle of the kitchen with four adults all standing around it with various weapons, waiting, for hours...

I do love our new house, just read my last post!

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