Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Take Two

So, today was Tre's first day of school,  not last Thursday. We decided over the weekend to pull him from the original school. And today he started at this new school. We are very excited about this school and feel SO much better. Our major concerns were addressed by the ECE woman I talked with at Cherry Creek Schools and she basically said that we should move him schools. Praise God there was an opening at a great one right by our house. A brand new facility had opened, for ONLY preschoolers. We both felt 100% different today as we walked away then we did last week. When I picked him up I asked him how his day went, he told me he didn't want to talk anymore, I think he was all out of words for the day. When I asked him if anyone was mean to him he said, "Yeah, a boy pushed me." I said, "Well, what did you do?" He said, " I died. I fell over and died." Although, it seems he has recovered quite nicely! 
He LOVES his notebook, he won't put it in his backpack, and the teacher said he pretty much carried it around all morning. It is for the teacher and specialists and I to correspond with one another. Today I asked him if I could read it when we got in the car. He said, "No, you can't touch this, this is my notebook, not yours." Well, school is now officially under way!

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