Sunday, September 27, 2009


In case you were worried, we didn't get lost in Pennsylvania.. We returned from a  wonderful visit and were catapulted right into what we call life right now. I have a lot to write about and will try and find time this week. I am awaiting the picture CD from PA, since we didn't use our camera at all. Here are some things going on:
- I am interning in Intake at Arapahoe County Human Services, it has been amazing. We do the child abuse intake for ages 0-6, all hospital cases, plus more. I will write about my experiences, maybe over Christmas break, because I need to digest it all. 
- I am taking 17 credit hours, going crazy, but loving it.
- Tre is loving school, or at least that's hat I'm telling myself
- I am still working three nights a week.
- David has been a bit slow at VisionAir but really enjoying his time to spend with God.
- Scout is still a bit sick. 
- We are up to our elbows in getting everything ready for our adoption. 
- And in case we didn't have enough going on, we're moving

Pray for our move. We are believing for God to provide in a supernatural way. WIth possibly two more babies on the way we need to be out of our current neighborhood, closer to our friends and support system, and finally to Castle Rock! So we have been looking at houses, praying, and waiting for God. It is so fun! 

I will try and get specific posts done this week. But in the mean time, I'll keep busy! Hope fall is treating you well!

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