Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things in Tre's Closet

I found some very interesting things while cleaning out Tre's closet today. (Lot's of these things are extremely hazardous, don't get angry, the closet is child proofed, he can't get in it.)
- an old diaper bag full of burp clothes, teething rings, and gripe water!
- Tylenol with codeine
- part of one of his castes he disassembled
- a hunting rifle (locked separately, but still quite surprising, I forgot it was in there)
- lot's of feminine pads ??!!
- 2006 tax file
- pictures from high school
- a pair of rock climbing shoes
- a book with one THOUSAND ways to use Baking soda

And a whole lot more. This closet cleaning project should be fun!

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