Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Break

Friday is my last final. I have begun my list of things I'd like to accomplish during my summer break, which is 16 days long (I will still be working). I think I might need to trim it down, and somehow get thousands of dollars, I've got till Friday, you never know!
- make ten new pillows for upstairs
- buy a new wardrobe for my internship (business casual)
- go pick fruit
- go swim at the reservoir
- create Tre's scrap book for his first two years of life
- a possible 5 year anniversary trip
- find my dream coffee table, the one that david likes too (that's been the problem)
- barbeque
- make fresh lemonade
- make fruit stuff with the fruit we pick
- clean out closets (which I began today actually, stay tuned for an interesting update on that)
- PRAY , PRAY, PRAY, and hopefully start our homestudy
- get a tan
- organize under bathroom sink
- organize kitchen cabinets
- eat outside
- buy new school books, and get LOTS of money for my summer ones
- buy Tre his school supplies
- make Tre a lunch box
- go to the zoo a couple more times
- figure out our health insurance debacle

And a few other things that go under the "If Bored" list, I never seem to get to that list. 

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  1. Quite the's it going??