Monday, March 9, 2009

Surgery Scheduled

Surgery is Scheduled for Wednesday March 18th, a little more than a week away. We check in at 12:30 pm, and surgery begins at 2:45 pm. Here are some things to pray for:
1. Pray that Tre doesn't get to hungry. He can't eat after 6 am that day! 
2. Obviously pray for the surgeons hands, the anesthesiologist, etc.
3. Pray for all medications to go just as expected and for him to have an easy wake up and that they find a pain med that doesn't have ANY bad side effects for him. 
4. Pray for his pain- this is a pretty major surgery with lot's of pain expected, pray for miracle levels of comfort!
5. Pray that he isn't scared, that the doctors and nurses connect well with him and that he is peaceful. 
6. Pray for me! I'm more nervous this time than any other.
7. Pray for everything to go through on insurance correctly. We have been fighting them lately about a lot of his visits and the "pre-existing condition" clause!

We'll be going this Thursday to the pre-surgery tour. We've done this before but I think he'll get it more this time, and it's the new hospital. Make sure you vote on what color cast Tre should get!


  1. my little man will do awesome! His PAPA has been through it many times! It will be hardest on Mima so pray for her!

  2. we'll be praying.

    And i'm sure some day tre will love you for putting that picture of him up :)