Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fooling Myself

Well, I thought I was fine. No nerves really this time. I am doing okay. Accept that it's 3:45 am and I am not asleep. I can't! I kept having horrible dreams all night long. The last one was me and Tre and some other important people I don't remember. We were driving home late at night and I saw a naked cop, so we stopped to help him and we found the guy who had stolen all his stuff in a parking garage. And the guy threw two grenade type bombs at us. And Tre and I were running away form them. But the guy picked them up and was following us, up and up, and up through the parking structure. And it was one of those dreams where you wake up, and it won't go away. So here I am, drinking orange juice and praying, and blogging. I might try again in a few minutes considering that in two hours we begin what may be a pretty long day! 

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