Monday, March 23, 2009

Doing Great

Tre is doing great! In case you worried about his pain levels, or phantom pains, or cast annoyances, none of them have been a problem. In fact, it's like nothing ever happened. After he woke up and passed all the tests he ran himself down stairs and watched the balls, and he's been fine ever since. We used the pain meds the first night we brought him home, and that was it. He is doing great! 

I can tell his little mind is beginning to process what happened. He announced in the car yesterday that his thumb is too big and we should take it off. I told him that wasn't a good idea and that we weren't going to take any more fingers off, ever! So I know he's thinking about it, probably when he gets those phantom pains. But overall he seems to be 100% again. He asks every morning if he can go swimming, so when he gets the cast off I think we'll be making a family trip to the rec center! 

In other news, I have interviewed for several internship positions and have a few more to go. I am excited to see how next year unfolds. I think it might be pure chaos, but it's only nine months or so. (Remind me of that in the midst of next year.) I am picking classes this week for the summer. We are planning a big family vaca to Mount Rushmore for the Fourth of July! And I get to order Tre school uniforms soon! 

And best of all, we have a new niece and Tre has a new cousin. Hannah! Miss Hannah was born this morning and we can't wait to meet her, she's beautiful and surrounded by lot's of boys, so pray for her! (She is the first grandDAUGHTER, there are 6 grandsons, and now Hannah!)

Life is good, casts and all! 


  1. awesome news! and it looks like there is tons going on! we need to catch up! What type of internship and what classes are you taking, and where is tre going to school??? (preschool right?)

    geeeshhh, fill me in!

  2. so glad things are going well over there.
    been thinking about you guys!