Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I think I might be a bad mom.

I could prove this to you if I had a camera. Here are a couple images that would explain to you my new theory. 
1. Today Tre stacked four pillar candles and then managed to balance on top in order to climb on top of our tall dresser in our room and get his confiscated spider man ball. "CLICK"
2. Tre is now a master of escapery and does not stay in his crib, EVER! I need the toddler bed. Unfortunately I work till two or three in the morning occasionally and I NEED a nap. The other day I woke up to him sitting next to a forty pound pile of dog food, all his tractors on top, "diggin' really hard!" Then I walked into the kitchen to a pool of milk and a glass very full in the middle. He had woken up, come upstairs, poured out the dog food, and got to digging. He must have been thirsty though because he then opened the fridge and poured himself a glass of milk. He woke me up only because he needed Polar Express on. You know, to complete the whole experience... milk, dog food, tractors, and polar express, what more could you want in life. "CLICK"
3. I did have my phone for this one:
This is Tre sitting in the kitchen. He found our advent calendar and destroyed it in order to get to the chocolate- unfortunately this was on day, twenty or so, so he had ALOT of chocolate! 
  4. Us sitting in a restaurant with my in-laws, having Tre throw himself out of the high chair screaming and crying for meme. "CLICK"
5. Finding him behind his crib, completely stuck, stading up, after one of his many attempts to escape. He was falling asleep standing up, but stuck, and yet still unwilling to let me hold him or put him back in his crib."CLICK"

And the list goes on. Maybe I shouldn't have more kids. And maybe I should pray more, a LOT more!

Merry Christmas.

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