Monday, December 22, 2008

Camera... FOUND!

So, I got in a car accident. And about the only good thing that came from it all (besides the fact that we're not dead) is that the camera has been found. It went something like this... Tre and I got rear ended. It wasn't bad, but it was enough. We got pushed through an intersection ,and then the kid took off. Accept I was holding his license, registration, etc. Weird, I know! Needless to say we both have whip lash. His is minor. Although his bruising from his car-seat is pretty bad. My whip lash is a bit worse. BUT, my mom came to the doctor with me and was looking for my insurance info and found my camera! It was in the back seat pocket, wrapped in the atlas, who woulda' thunk?

So, without further adieu...
Merry Christmas... Love, The Purvis'

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