Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grocery Guru #1= 33%

So, did anyone else watch Oprah on Wednesday? I am taking it on, I want to save my family at least 50% on groceries. Right now everything in our life is about paying off debt so we can buy babies! (And I mean that in a total legit, non-weird way,, we want to adopt lot's of babies and it cost lot's of money!) So how can I help? Number 1,  I got a job and all my income is going to paying off debt. Number 2, I am going to try and save us at least 50% on all of our groceries. The extra money will go right towards debt too! So this week I am just practicing, the true test begins next week. But so far here's how I did. This morning, very early. I went shopping and saved us a total of 33% off our grocery bill, that was almost $90, since we only use cash what I am doing then is taking that cash and putting it into a "debt" envelope that at the end of each month I will use toward our pay off! And my grocery store makes it easy cause right at the bottom of the receipt it tells me what my percentage of savings was and the total amount I saved! I also get gas benefits, but I don't want to make it too complicated, but today I saved $.20/gallon of gas as well! Now I didn't make the 50% because it hasn't been Sunday yet since I started and Sunday is when I am suppose to buy two papers and do all my coupon clipping. The other reason I didn't hit 50% is because in order to print coupons on-line from our local grocer you have to have windows, not even Fusion you have to have a PC???!!! When are these folk gonna move into the real world? Anyways, I guess I'll have to print my coupons at my parents house. I think if I had had my coupons I would have for sure hit 50%. I also have to call around and find out which ones do double coupon days! 

The other great thing about this plan is that I am forced to make new things, my culinary skills will be stretched! Like this week Ribs were only $0.98/lb. I have never made ribs, but guess what I bought! I also got wings for $1.99/lb. and alot of organic chicken, it was more expensive but it was buy one get one free! So know I have to find recipes that go along with the food I bought! 

Okay, I gotta go make that apple cake before everyone wakes up, but be expecting updates as I get better at saving us money! 

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