Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Hubby

My husband is amazing. He has been working so hard on our business, in the alst five days her ehas been his schedule:
Thursday- flight training with clients 6am - 12 am
Friday- flight training with clients 6am - 12 am
Saturday- sleep in, write message, speak at our church
Sunday- Speak two more services at our church, drive me and crying two year old son to Estes Park, enjoy time with my ENTIRE mom's side of the family, he didn't even act tired. Then drove himself home at 9 pm. (2 hours of driving)
Monday- flight training with clients 6am - 11pm! 

That is a lot! And let me tell you, his speaking this weekend was amazing. He might have done it just for me, I'm not sure. But it was on fear, and it was soooo good! I listened to it three times and I still didn't get everything out of it! 

You should definitely listen to it here


  1. Nice message David. Miss you all. We had a Denver-esque day here. Blue sky, high 70's and no humidity!

  2. Really good stuff Dave. Listened tonight while I was working and have alot to think about. Will probably listen again tomorrow. Thanks for sharing what was on your heart.