Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lot's to pack in...

So my camera is officially broken, I won't blame it on my mom even though it's her fault, it could happen to any of us! (J/K mom, you know I love you and am not too worried!) SO here are all the pics I would put up from the last week:
1. Tre's Birthday- Tre blowing out the candles on his Tractor cake, playing at the beach (by that I mean the reservoirs rough sand- but we told him it was Hawaii! I love 2 year olds, he thinks we flew the whole fam out to Hawaii for his 2nd birthday!)
2. Grandmas's 80th birthday bash, the whole family flew in from all over the nation and we had a blast. We even all wore the same shirts and went hiking and picnicking, we played Grandma Jeopardy, and just had a ball! PIcture here would be big family pics with our t-shirts on, hiking ouzel falls, etc.
3. Grandma and Tre and I at the aquarium.
4. And last night for Grandma's big day we flew her to Wyoming, by we I definitely mean David. Tre and I were in the back, actually just I was in the back, Tre left me and sat with David to helped him fly. Pictures here would be us in the airplane, us at Frontier Days, us with Fair food including corn dogs, pizza, pita, funnel cake, etc. Us running through the pouring rain. The nice man from the airport who took us back to our plane so we didn't have to walk, the clock when we got home at almost 1 am with my 80 year old grandma and 2 year old son, grandma sleeping on the couch in David's clothes (she's probably now glad that my camera is broken!), etc. 

It has been a wonderful week, full of fun and commemorating two of my favorite people on earth, my son and his second year of life, and my Grandma who is on her eightieth year of life. They have both taught me life lessons, made me laugh, and made me cry! I love them both dearly and know that I am the woman I am today because of them both! 

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