Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today is my birthday!

Today is my birthday so I am going to play this game... I am 24, so I am going to tell you 24 things you probably don't know about me.
1.  Some day I want to live in the city, and have a loft, and do the whole "city culture" thing, ride the subways everywhere, go to shows, buy food from vendors, etc. This will prbably be when David dies and I am a lonely, rich , widow, but you can come visit me!
2.  I wish I lived somewhere that it never got cold. Especially Hawaii.
3.  I have a daughter in Thailand that I get to meet very soon, one month!
4.  I eat ice cream every day. (Lately it's been thin mint ice cream)
5.  A good massage is like heaven to me.
6.  A good head massage is better than heaven to me.
7.  I dream of opening a beautiful Christian Destination spa one day. I already have it all designed and planned out in my head!
8. I am embarrassed of my son's middle name (and his dad/s, and his grandpa's for that matter), but it's a family name, so I need to get over it.
9.  I have crazy dreams EVERY night, sometimes they make me sad all the next day, sometimes they make me laugh all the next day.
10.  I love to shop. 
11.  When I have no money to shop I go online and shop, I fill my cart with all the things I want, and then leave it up on my computer and show David what I bought, but I never actually "checkout"!
12.  When I hear a song I like I immediately see a dance in my head that goes to it.
13.   I love the ellen show
14.  I register for Regis and Kelly's giveaway (trivia -a- whatever their seasonal word is goes here) EVERY day! And they still haven't called! Some people that are one have already won like three vacations with them!
15.  I love historical fiction.
16.  I think I am a good singer when the radio's on.
17.  I really do think that my kid has the best personality and looks of any other kid I know. 
18.  I hate when people make their blogs private.
19.  I love flowers, gardens, trees, all things plant... but I really do kill everything! And someday when I have a garden I might have to hire someone to make it beautiful and keep it that way, cause I really see no hope for me.
20.  I love wind in my face- motorcycle, boat, jeep, convertible, jet ski, six-wheeler, I love it! 
21.  My dog smells really bad, I think he rolled in a dead animal this morning.
22.  I don't brush Tre's teeth EVER! Only David does it, and he doesn't do it that often. 
23.  I want a lot more kids, but I always want a "small" house. 
24.  Someday I will go back to school to learn everything I've always wanted to learn- Interior Design, Graphic Design, Massage Therapy, Spa Therapies, homeopathic medicine, sociology, etc.

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