Thursday, May 15, 2008

On a Less Serious Note

I know that most of you don't read my blog hoping to leave it feeling depressed and sad, which I might have accomplished quite well on my last post. So here are a few pictures from my day:

Yes, this is my son's newest trick. Eating like a dog. He is currently refusing to use silverware and inst
ead is licking things of the plate. Or if he drops something he goes on the floor and smashes his face into it in order to get it in his mouth, it is lovely!

Now the next scene doesn't have a picture because I was too busy cussing and kicking the dog. While tre and I were busy at swim lessons our dog Scout was also very busy. He ate the following: 
  • two chicken breast sitting out to de-thaw (yes that means they were frozen when he ate them!)
  • one carton of leftover ravioli and meatballs (sitting out to de-thaw for lunch)
  • one spatula
  • one baby bowl
  • two cartons of goats milk that were in the trash, as well as some egg shells that were in the trash and many other un-recognizable trash items. He never does this! But he is mad because we haven't been running every morning. 
So, the rest of the day Tre and I spent outside because Scout was farting so much. Tre played in the new sand box, and I read and ate Ramen Noodles... ahh, what a life! 

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