Monday, May 26, 2008


Today was the day! The big BolderBoulder. It was fun! It was very chilly and rainy, and Brittlee couldn't make it this year (foot injury due to Blake and a big shovel), but I did it! WHen the alarm went off I was very tempted to just roll over, but I didn't. My goal was to do around ten minute miles. Here are my official times:
Mile 1- 09:22
Mile 2- 10:12
Mile 3- 10:12
Mile 4- 10:04
Mile 5- 09:58
Mile 6- 10:13
TOTAL- 1:02:10 YEAH me! 
I think I did pretty good! Here is my official before the race picture: (I know my hair is really something, it was REAL early when I pinned it up like that, and before a rain storm!)

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  1. good for you!!! what a crummy day for it! you did great.