Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Itch

Lately I have had the itch... to redecorate. I think I want to start with Tre's room. He is getting bigger now, and so ar ehis toys. I think it is time to make his room a play room/sleep room. There are several things to take into consideration with this. But boy do I have the itch! Here are some things I will need to take into considerationn when I redecorate:

1. Can it be climbed?
2. Can it be stacked, in order to climb it?
3. Is it breakable?
4. Is it light enough to be picked up and thrown?
5. Is it washable?
6. Will I be sad if it get's colored on, slobered on, climbed on, thrown, broke, etc.?

While keeping all this in mind this website has really got my creative juices flowing. I am thinking new flooring (pergo type: unscratchable with metal tractors, hoseable, etc.), new toddler bed, chalk board boarder with ladder, turn the closet into a toy chest, airplanes and clouds on the ceiling, and more fun stuff.

Any tips on how to boy proof a room? I'll take 'em. (For instance how do I make his dresser unclimbable?)

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